55 Plus Homes for Sale In Active Adult Communities For Seniors In Brevard County

Benefits of Living in a 55 Plus Adult Community In Brevard County FL

The benefits of living in an a 55-Plus adult community range from the chance to live in the retirement home of your dreams to feeling that sense of community and enjoying endless activities, with plenty of perks in between. Join us as we list out the top 10 benefits of living in a 55+ community and why so many 55-Plus active adult seniors are choosing this way of life rather than continuing to live in traditional neighborhoods as they age.  You have many choices from Manufactured
home communities, gated 55 plus communities, and new luxury Adult living communities.  Live your dream life!

10 Reasons 55-Plus Communities are For You

Sense of community: Living in a community that has that strong sense of community, as opposed to a neighborhood that stands alone, can have a huge impact on your well-being and overall quality of life. At AV homes, we pride ourselves on understanding the true importance of community. To say all neighborhoods are communities is simply not true. For a neighborhood or a home to be part of a community, it needs to provide residents more than just a place to live. And for 55-Plus active adults, living in a 55-Plus community gives them a world of social opportunities and the warm feeling of home and friendships!
Neighbors: In our 55-Plus communities, knowing and being friends with your neighbors is the norm. We promote active adult living, as well as a strong sense of community in all of our communities, allowing residents to really get to know their neighbors. If you are looking for a place to call home where you can stop by your neighbor’s house after your morning walk just to say hi, or borrow a cup of flour from in order to bake some muffins to bring to your weekly card game, a 55-Plus community is the place for you.

Activities: Living in a 55+ community gives residents more than enough activities and opportunities to stay busy. For those active adults looking to learn new skills and keep busy, 55-Plus communities are the answer. With clubs to join and organizations to become a part of, communities meant for those 55-Plus are conceptualized, designed, and built with you in mind. Because 55-Plus communities are made up of people just like yourself, you’ll never be bored.

Amenities: In addition to endless activities to keep you busy, 55-Plus communities come with long lists of amenities. From club houses and community pools to exercise rooms and on-site security, the amenities will ensure you feel safe, comfortable and completely at home.

Homes designed for you: Unlike other communities that design homes with the builders in mind, our homes built for 55-Plus communities are built with you in mind. This means that every single square foot of the home was designed and developed to make active adults like yourself comfortable. From the square footage and number of bedrooms to outdoor patios and open floor plans, you’ll instantly feel at home.

Peace and quiet: One of, if not the most popular benefit of living in a 55-Plus community is the fact that they are just that, 55-Plus communities. Meaning, you must be 55 years or older to live in the community. This means there will rarely be little kids running around (with the exception of grandchildren coming to visit) making noise, keeping you from relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. Not to mention the community amenities such as pools and walking paths will be limited to you and your neighbors, all of which are 55-Plus active adults.

Learn new skills: If you have ever wanted to learn a new skill or start a new hobby, now is the time, and 55-Plus communities are the place. As you and your neighbors and community members start the next chapters in your lives, you’ll find that you aren’t alone in wanting to learn new hobbies and skills. Between the classes at some 55-Plus communities’ community centers and the clubs and groups that residents have started, you will have no trouble finding something that peaks your interest.

Active Lifestyle: Living in 55-Plus communities with other active adults like yourself allows you and those around you to live that active lifestyle you have always wanted to live. Whether you want to become physically active with daily walks and workouts, active in your education and learning new skills, or simply want to be out and about keeping busy, a 55-Plus community will help you do just that. Unlike traditional communities that aren’t specifically geared towards active adults, 55-Plus communities are geared towards promoting active lifestyles, increased amenities and endless activities. You’ll find it nearly impossible to get into a lazy routine at 55-Plus community, which is great news for your health and your mind!

Opportunities to Give Back: 55-Plus communities are well-known for the tremendous amount of service projects, community improvement, charity fund raising and government involvement. The vast knowledge and experience that resides in 55-Plus communities includes teachers, doctors, corporate executives, and others with the ability to mobilize and accomplish great things.

Convenience: At this point in your life, you are done raising your children and taking care of others; it is finally time to take care of yourself and focus on starting the next chapter in your life the way you want to live. For many active adults that means living in a community that is convenient; a community that provides activities and amenities for its residents, is a short drive to places like the grocery store and movie theater, and a community that encompasses more than enough amenities and activities to keep you busy within your community.

Living in a 55-Plus community that is conceptualized, designed and built with active adults in mind has its perks. While there are plenty of benefits to living in a 55-Plus community, this list rounds out our top ten. For more information on AV Homes’ 55-Plus communities, please visit our 55-Plus Lifestyle page.

If you think this type of community sounds right for you, wait no longer! We offer Discovery Days allowing potential homebuyers the opportunity to stay in a fully furnished home at one of our 55-Plus communities for two nights and three days, giving you the ability to see firsthand what a 55-Plus community has to offer.